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Peerless Battle Spirit English

Peerless Battle Spirit

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    狂霸战皇,Berserk Sovereign of Battle,Berserk Peerless Battle Spirit
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    Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Manhua
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In Jang Lin, the martial arts path cannot be walked for those who cannot awaken the martial spirit. In this world, only those who have a strong fighting spirit can communicate with the heavens and the earth. Born in Linshui, Chen Nan was an unparalleled genius with talent and thought he would become a great fighter in the future. However, Chen Nan was struck by lightning rays while practicing his martial arts and obtaining the spirit of divine battle, which was able to settle. To break the ultimate rule of Jang Lin, Qin Nan didn’t know that his fighting spirit possessed a great secret that would slowly discover mystery as the story continued


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