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Magician from the future English

Magician from the future

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    Qing bing
  • Alternative
    Cultivator From The Future, 这个修士来自未来 , This Monk Comes from Future
  • Genres
    Action, Adventure, Manhua, Martial Arts, Supernatural, Webtoon, Reincarnation
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Alien technology, human martial arts, collision and confrontation of two worlds. The pinnacle of the strong, the alien fiasco, reborn high school era! In this life, Tang Ming decided to rise strongly and protect the world. Past goddess, genius girl, sexy teacher, long-legged elder sister, foreign princess are all under her command; thirteen martial arts, religious forces, hidden strong, strong who follow me, and those who are against us are all beating! In the heyday of monasticism, I am invincible!


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